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Asthma and COPD Clinicasthma_inhaler4

This run by our specialised trained nurses and supervised by Dr Gill Archbold. We offer regular assessment of your asthma/copd in offer to fine-tune any medication and ensure that you're getting the right leve of care. Written invitations are sent directly to patients when appropriate. If you are unable to attend the appointment it would be much appreciated if you would contact the surgery to cancel/re-arrange the appointment as other patients may benefit from the released appointment.



Cardiac Clinicheartandstethoscope

This clinic offers regular review for those patients whom have angina or previously suffered from a heart attack.We underake check ups and blood tests in an attempt to optimise any of the treatment you are receiving and help keep you fit and well. The clinic is currently run by the community nursing team and is overseen by Dr James Henderson. Certain patients may offered the opportunity to attend local cardiac exercises classes currently held at Banchory Community Centre. More information can be found at the Grampian Cardiac Rehabiltation website

Child Health Surveillancebaby_mum

Routine screening in the under 5's is carried out by our health visitors in the adjacent       Banchory Clinic in conjunction with the medical staff.





Diabetic Clinicglucometer1

This clinic is provided by the practice nurses. Written invitations to the Diabetic clinic will be issued when appropriate. The lead Partners for the Diabetic Clinic are Dr Rebecca Stevenson and  Dr Nikki Showell.


Dietician Clinic

Appointments with a visiting dietician can be made by GP referral where appropriate. Clinics are currently held at the surgery on a monthly basis.

The Healthy Helpings Programme, held at the Banchory Resource Centre, is a free 8 week course which offers fun, interactive and informative way of finding out more about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. To find out more dial 01224 556556.


DMARDs Clinic

These clinics monitor those patients taking medicine that require close monitoring, for example drugs that suppress the immune system or for certain heart or mental health conditions. These are currently run by the practice nurses at varying times throughout the week. Patient on this type of medication will be advised of the need to attend and kept informed of when your next appointment is due. The Lead for the DMARDs clinic is our pharmacist Louise Black.

Heart Failurebp_check

This weekly clinic run by the nursing team and overseen by Dr Valerie Steven aims to offer detailed, personal treatment plans for patients with different forms of heart failure or ‘impaired pumping action of the heart’.



Hypertension Clinic

Due to the large amount of patients requiring review and monitoring of their blood pressure (currently over 1800) there is not a set clinic specifically for hypertension. Instead the responsibility is shared out between the doctors in conjunction with the nursing team. However, the overall management of hypertension is supervised by Dr  Mike Steven with the support of our nursing team who carry out most of the investigations such as recording blood pressure, taking bloods and ECG’s. Electronic BP machines are available on loan for home monitoring and we also have ABPM (ambulatory blood pressure monitors) for more detailed assessment of blood pressure over a 24h period.


A full range of immunisations are carried out by the practice nurses, with routine child immunisation being carried out by our health visitor colleagues at the adjacent Banchory Health Clinic. For up to date information on the wide range of vaccinations currently available on the NHS visit Immunisation Scotland.



Injection clinic

Cortisone (steroid) injections can sometimes be recommended in a range of common muscular, joint and tendon problems with Dr Gill Archbold and Dr Claire Walker currently offering this. Your GP will advise you if a referral is indicated.

INR Clinictest_results1

These clinics are held to monitor those patients taking Warfarin and are run by the practice nurses at varying times throughout the week. A growing number of patients are now being recommended Warfarin to treat a variety of conditions such heart rythym/valve problems and certain types of blood clots. You will be provided with an immediate reading, given written instructions on the correct dosage and when to reattend for follow up. 

Podiatry Clinic

Our two local podiatrists (chiropodists) work in the adjacent clinic. Appointments can be arranged by GP or community nurse referral. Information about the range of services they can offer can be found here.

Psychiatry Clinic

Our locality Adult Psychiatric team led by a Consultant Psychiatrist hold clinics at the surgery on a weekly basis. The over-65 service is run from the Glen O'Dee hospital by Dr Adele Onder and her team. Child psychiatry is offered at Aberdeen Children's Hospital and the Young People's Department (13th to 18th birthday) from Cornhill Hospital.

Useful self help guides on a range of mental health issues can be found here.

Speech Therapy

Our Speech and Language Therapists hold clinics at the adjacent clinic with appointments available via a referral from a GP or Health Visitor.

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