do you have high blood pressure?


We currently have nearly 1900 patients with high blood pressure at the surgery, the majority of whom are receiving treatment. We recommend that everyone with hypertension should have their blood pressure record at least once a year. 

We are trying to make it easier for patients on treatment for high blood pressure to be monitored. Many of you already have blood pressure machines at home and keep an eye on your blood pressure readings. Home readings tend to be accurate and can avoid the risk of ‘white coat’ hypertension, where readings can be higher at the surgery.  You can also take several readings over a few days, which is more representative of your usual day to day life.

In future, rather than have to make an appointment at the surgery, you take some blood pressure readings with your own machine or alternatively, you could ask for the loan of one of our machines via reception. 

BP diaries can be viewed and printed from here and can then be handed into reception. You can of course, just write down some readings on a bit of paper and hand it in.

Your readings will be analysed by your GP and you will be advised thereafter of what follow up is required. An annual BP check is the minimum recommendation and more frequent monitoring may be necessary at times or if your medication is being adjusted.

Blood pressure machines are available from most Pharmacies or can be bought online, with prices starting from £15


Blood tests

Patients whom are taking one of the following medications (ACE inhibitors, ARBs or diuretics - see below) for blood pressure should usually have an annual blood test performed to check-up on the health of your kidneys.

We also offer all of our patients on treatment for high blood pressure an additional check up on their cholesterol levels and a blood sugar test to check for diabetes every 5 years.

Your nurse or GP will usually remind you when a test is due. Some patients may also receive a reminder letter if they are overdue.

Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors 

The generic name of ACE inhibitors end in ‘pril’, the common ones being Ramipril (e.g. Tritace), Perindopril (e.g. Conversyl), Lisinopril (e.g. Zestril) and Enalapril (e.g. Innovace).

Angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs):

The generic name of ARBs ends in ‘sartan’ and the common ones are Candersartan (e.g. Amias), Irbesartan (e.g. Aprovel), Losartan (e.g. Cozaar) and Valsartan (e.g. Diovan).

Common diuretics used are: Bendrofluamethiazide (Bendrofluazide) (e.g. Aprinox) and Indapamide (e.g. Natrilix)

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